CCO COVID-19 Vaccination Policy


The Counterpoint Community Orchestra (the “CCO”) is committed to providing a safe and inclusive rehearsal and events environment for everyone seeking to attend its events.

The purpose of the Vaccination Policy, (the “Policy”), is to give effect to the decision made by the CCO Board of Directors in September 2021 that all participants at indoor CCO activities must be fully vaccinated.

This Vaccination Policy should be used in conjunction with the CCO COVID Safety Plan.


This Policy applies to everyone who seeks to attend any indoor event held or sponsored by the CCO (collectively the “Attendees”).

This Policy applies at all indoor CCO events, including rehearsals, ensemble performances, concerts, meetings, and all other group gatherings held indoors for CCO’s purposes (the “CCO Event”).

Mandatory Vaccination and Risk Acknowledgement

The CCO requires that everyone seeking to attend a CCO Event must first provide proof of being fully vaccinated.  Without such proof they will not be allowed to enter the Event.

Fully vaccinated requires two doses of a vaccine approved by the Government of Canada, Province of Ontario and Public Health, plus the passing of 14 days from the second dose received.

Acceptable proof of vaccination is an Ontario Vaccination Passport, or the Ontario Ministry of Health COVID 19 vaccination receipt indicating that two doses have been delivered.  

Acceptable proof of vaccination may be provided electronically or in paper form in advance of an Event, or in person at the actual Event where, again, the Attendee may provide it to a Committee Co-Chair in paper form or electronically before entering.

A document establishing Proof of Vaccination is a health record. The CCO will not keep a copy of that health record on file, either electronically or in paper form. Once the proof is reviewed by a Committee Co-Chair, the Co-Chair will permanently delete the electronic record, using double delete, if received electronically, will destroy it if received as a paper copy, or will return it to the Attendee if reviewed in person.

Showing proof of vaccination is required only once annually.

In addition to providing proof of vaccination, everyone seeking to attend an Event must first sign and date a Risk Acknowledgment. The Risk Acknowledgment will be kept on file. Only one Risk Acknowledgment is required annually.

Creation of New Committee

The CCO’s COVID Safety Committee (the “Committee”) is responsible

for drafting appropriate policies and procedures to manage COVID risks as safely as possible, implementing them, maintaining or destroying the records obtained in the course of their duties in the ways described in the Policies, protecting the privacy rights of individuals who may share health information under the Policies, and dealing with issues that arise concerning COVID safety and the implementation of the policies and procedures.

List of Eligible Attendees and Contact Tracing

The Committee will maintain and up-date on an ongoing basis a list of persons who

  • have shown a Co-Chair proof of vaccination
  • have provided contact information to the Committee for purposes of contact tracingvhave signed a Risk Acknowledgement

This will be the “List of Eligible Attendees”

The Committee will maintain and up-date an Event Attendance Form which lists the names of the persons on the List of Eligible Attendees, the date and place of the Event, and a column to indicate whether that person attended the Event.

The Committee will provide the Event Attendance Form to a designated volunteer for each CCO Event. The volunteer will ensure the name of anyone seeking admittance is on the Event Attendance Form before that person enters the Event, will record everyone who attends the Event, and will return the Attendance Form to the Committee. 

Should a health authority require the CCO to provide the names and contact information for all persons who attended a CCO event, the Committee will provide the Board with the list of Attendees from the Event Attendance Form and contact information for those persons who attended that CCO event.

COVID Screening

Before entering a CCO Event, each Attendee must complete a COVID Screening Form on paper or electronically on that day, which the Committee will keep on file. A copy of the COVID Screening Form is attached to this Policy as Appendix 3.

The Committee or the designated volunteer will review the COVID Screening Forms prior to the Event and may bar someone from attending the Event if the Screening Form shows a risk of transmission of COVID.

Whether or not his or her or their name appears on the List of Eligible Attendees, no one is permitted into a CCO Event if

  • The Attendee is suffering any of the symptoms of COVID 19
  • The Attendee has travelled internationally within 14 days of the event and has been required to quarantine or self-isolate
  • The Attendee has had a COVID 19 test and has either tested positive or has not yet received the results by the date of the event.

Any person on the List who tests positive for COVID 19 is asked to so advise one of the Co-Chairs of the Committee. That person’s name will be temporarily removed from the List of Eligible Attendees and the Event Attendance Form. The Co-Chair, in consultation with a health authority, if necessary, the Committee and the Board, will take whatever other steps are deemed appropriate in the circumstances; for instance, no additional action may be required if the person has not attended recent CCO events, whereas contact tracing may be required in other circumstances. The Committee and the Board members will maintain the privacy of the individual who has tested positive, except for discussion with the health authorities and maintaining consistency with public health guidelines and will keep the affected person informed if any steps are taken by the CCO.

Non-compliance with this Vaccination Policy

Persons who are not on the List of Eligible Attendees or have not signed a Risk Acknowledgment or have not completed a COVID Screening form will be barred from the CCO indoor event.

With grounds, and after consultation with the Committee, and notice to the Board and the affected person, the Co-Chair may remove a name from the List of Eligible Attendees and from the Event Attendance Form. That person will be barred from participating in any CCO indoor events until his, her or their name is restored to the Lists.

An Attendee who feels his, her or their name was wrongly removed from the List can discuss the matter first with any member of the Committee. If no resolution follows, the Attendee or the Committee may refer the objection to the Board of Directors.  

Public Health Guidelines and Venue Rules

The Committee will stay as informed as possible about the Ontario government’s COVID regulations and about any COVID safety policies implemented by the venues where the CCO seeks to rehearse or perform.

If there are restrictions on the number of persons allowed in a particular venue, the Board or the Committee may need to implement a “by reservation only” policy for musicians. Details of any such policy will be announced to the CCO members.

Similarly, venues may have other requirements which the CCO will have to honour to play in that space. These will be announced to the members, and failure to abide by the venue’s policies will be considered a breach of this Vaccination Policy.