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37th season - 2020/2021

Orchestras and pandemic lockdowns are not a good mix. Musicians gain satisfaction in presenting their collective musical gifts to a live audience, and you then become a vital part of the full experience. When live performances are not possible we must offer our gifts in another form – as pre-recorded solo or small ensemble pieces. We do gain comfort in preparing and presenting these pieces, and we hope that they bring the same to you.

We would welcome your comments, on our YouTube channel, and if possible, we would of course welcome your donations to our non-profit, charitable orchestra, by way of, or by cheque to Counterpoint Community Orchestra, at 20 Bloor Street East, P.O. Box 75134, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3T3.

Thank-you for joining us today.

Pictures at an Exhibition, Movement 4 – Bydlot
Composer: Modeste Mussorgsky / Arranger: Ray Thompson

Views of the Blues, Third Movement Composer:  Gordon Lewin
Views of the Blues, First Movement
Composer:  Gordon Lewin
Tico Tico
Composer: Zequinha Abreu / Arranger Tim Goplerud

Silent Night (1818)
Composer: Franz Xaver Gruber

Theme from Polovtsian Dances (from Opera “Prince Igor”)
Composer: Alexander Borodin

Christmas Concerto, Op. 6 No. 8, Pastoral
Composer: Arcangelo Corelli