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\Gemma Donn

What Instrument do you play?


How many years have you played with the orchestra?


What is your experience as a musician?

I have been playing violin since I was 4 years old, and recently graduated from the University of Toronto’s Violin Performance Program. I currently serve as Concertmaster of Counterpoint Community Orchestra. I also teach at two music schools and substitute teach at Sistema Toronto. I am currently a freelance violinist based in Toronto, as well as a violinist with North Bay Symphony and Theatre Under the Stars Vancouver.

What do you do outside of the orchestra?

I am currently studying to become a Medical Laboratory Technician. Outside of the orchestra, I teach at two music schools and freelance around the city. I also volunteer at a local hospital and run a music group for children with disabilities.

How do you think Counterpoint Orchestra has shaped you as an individual?

I think Counterpoint Orchestra has helped me become an effective leader. It has instilled in me a sense of responsibility and discipline, since I need to be able to help other players with any questions or concerns they may have, and I need to be able to communicate effectively with the conductor and other players. I think that it has made me a more social individual as well, since I have a chance to talk to many other people who share music as a common interest.

What is something you can find at counterpoint that you can’t find anywhere else?

I can find a friendly group of people whom I can trust and share ideas with.

What would you want audiences to know about Counterpoint Community Orchestra?

I want audiences to know how much work we put into our rehearsals so that they can attend an enjoyable concert.