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Violinist Michelle Ball

What Instrument do you play?


How many years have you played with the orchestra?

This is my third season

What is your experience as a musician?

I started playing the violin at 6 years old. In my twenties I took a break from music, but after almost a decade, I came to Counterpoint and found my love of playing again.

What do you do outside of the orchestra?

I work in research and capacity building in the newcomer-serving sector

How do you think Counterpoint Orchestra has shaped you as an individual?

Counterpoint has both been an inspiration for me to grow as a musician, as well as a bolster to my confidence as an amateur violinist. It feels great at the end of each concert, when we’ve come so far since the first rehearsal!

What is something you can find at counterpoint that you can’t find anywhere else?

A true openness to difference and a welcome to musicians of all abilities.

What would you want audiences to know about Counterpoint Community Orchestra?

That the community that shows up to our concerts- the friends and family and LGBT community and volunteers- YOU are
the life blood of our orchestra. We appreciate your support!