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Violinsts Orhun Gunduz

What Instrument do you play?


How many years have you played with the orchestra?

3 months

What is your experience as a musician?

I have been playing for 6 years now and still developing my technical skills. I took one year of tutoring and taught myself afterwards.

What do you do outside of the orchestra?

I have been part of Gay Men’s Chorus for a year. I work and volunteer in different sectors and communities.

How do you think Counterpoint Orchestra has shaped you as an individual?

Even though I am a new member, being part of the orchestra encouraged me to practice my instrument more, volunteer for the community and connect with others with similar minds.

What is something you can find at counterpoint that you can’t find anywhere else?

Inclusivity and uniqueness of being and LGBT+ orchestra, welcoming community members and accommodations for non-professional musicians.

What would you want audiences to know about Counterpoint Community Orchestra?

I want them to remember CCO is more than a group of people coming together and playing music but it is also part of a milestone history and community building of LGBTQs and allies for over 35 years. So, every contribution feeds into that history and touches the lives of people.