Summary of COVID-19 Safety Plan

The complete COVID Safety Plan is available from members of the CCO COVID Safety Committee or on the CCO website and can be emailed to you upon request. This Summary will be available at all CCO indoor events. The Committee will change the Plan as necessary to respond to government protocols or public health recommendations and significant revisions will be communicated to CCO members in CCO Announcements.

Controlling the Risk of Transmission

  1. Everyone who wishes to enter a CCO indoor event (rehearsal, concert, meeting etc., an “Event”) must either show proof of full vaccination, signed a Risk Acknowledgment and provided contact information for contact tracing purposes in advance of the Event, or do so before entering the Event. Once completed, that person’s name will be inserted onto the Event Attendance List (“the Attendee”).
  2. Please do not attend an Event if you are unwell.
  3. Every Attendee must complete a COVID Screening Questionnaire on the same day as the Event, either at the door or electronically. An electronic questionnaire must be filed with the CCO at least two hours before an Event. The designated volunteer can bar entrance to the Event based on the answers.
  4. Distancing, masking, hand and respiratory hygiene, surface cleaning and instrument appropriate precautions are all in place during the Event. In particular
    • Masks must be worn at all times when not eating, drinking, or playing a wind/brass instrument.
    • Physical distancing of 2m must be maintained whenever possible.
    • Each musician must bring a music stand, and his, her or their copy of the music if this has been distributed.
    • Bell covers are optional on wind/brass instruments, except where the Event Space requires them.
    • Players of wind/brass instruments must have an absorbent pad for instrument condensation and ensure no moisture lands on the floor. The musician must appropriately dispose of the pad or take it home.
    • Except for the set-up crew, Attendees cannot enter the playing space until 15 minutes before the Event
    • A 15-20 minute break will be held after one hour of performing. Please vacate the playing space and go outdoors if possible; maintain physical distance. Doors and windows will be opened in the space.
  5. Everyone brings their own water, drinks and snacks and there is no sharing, although snack foods that are individually wrapped may be available.
  6. The Event Attendance List will be given to the COVID Safety Committee for contact tracing purposes if there has been a risk of exposure at the Event.